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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

An I Love You...Eight Years Later

In 2010 I posted A Tale of Two Black Trucks.  
So about a week or two ago I was looking through some photos - I totally forgot what I was looking for at the time - but I came across these photos of a wreck that my boys were in. I already knew that God had been watching out for them. My youngest son - who was in the passenger seat - miraculously had the seatbelt released before he was squashed by the seatbelt. And neither of them got hurt that seriously - especially when you see the damage done to the vehicle.
As I was looking at the photos I noticed something I had never noticed before.
Do you see it?  
Here is a close up:
It's a heart where one of the fog lights used to be.
Isn't it amazing?
I thought this is an "I Love You!" for sure.

Anyway I just wanted to share with you all today.
I think that one day we will be so surprised at what all we have been saved from. And I think that if we pay attention we will see God's hand at work in our lives.
And something that one of our old pastors used to say:
"Your eternity is God's priority"
Remember that! :O)  

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