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Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Best Deal

My poor husband has been sick and coughing and we didn't have any cold medicine- so a trip to the store was in order. And since I was in town - I just had to go by favorite thrift store of mine. It turned out to be my lucky day! Look what I found:
Now I already had the helicopter and man at home, so when I saw this cute Fisher Price Air Port, even though it was not the one from my childhood, I just had to have it. Especially once I realized that my helicopter would work on it!! This Air Port was $4.00.  

Then as I continued to look - I noticed this great piece as well. It has several interactive activities. And it is a great addition to our collection. And for only $2.50 - I was a super happy girl!
Our SweetPea will be visiting this coming week end. And I can't wait for her to get to see these additions to our collection!!

That that is it for our addition for Best Deal for this week! I can't guarantee a great deal each week - but when I find great deals- I will share with you all. :O)

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