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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What's Been Taking Up So Much Time Lately?

So what has been taking up so much of my time lately?
A Callie  
And a Wally 
There are two more - Pepe (as in Pepe le pew) and Spot or Spotty as I like to call her(we think) I just haven't gotten good photos of them yet. They have been a bit harder to get used to us.
This is "a pile of kittens" as our sweet granddaughter calls it- usually there are all 5 together in the pile.  
So last Monday June the 13 Momma kitty - Bandy left and we have not seen her since. So we waited a couple of days just in case she came back - and then we moved them into our sun room. It is much cooler for them and for us. We are gradually trying to get our two cats - Stewie and LouLou used to them- it might take some time with LouLou for sure.
They are so sweet and it is so enjoyable to watch them play and to play with them.
That is just a little of what is keeping me busy lately.
Hope you all are doing well and staying cool. :O)

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