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Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's the Little Things That Bring Us Joy

A couple of years ago - the view across our street was very different than it is today. There had been many more trees and there had been cattle grazing in this field. But the cattle had been gone for a while. Then the property was worked on and a better fence was put up. Then today when I went out to get our trashcans from the street- what did I see- Cattle!!
Oh they were so pretty. This photo does not do them justice. Their brightly, vivid colors against the green- well kind of green grass was great. It thrilled my soul to see them there again. When I made it to the street - I snapped a couple of photos of them. They were as interested in watching me as I was in watching them.

Anyway I just wanted to share that the cows are back and we can enjoy them again!
It has been VERY warm here still- I heard on the news today that we have officially had 10 days of triple digit temperatures. And of course, on the 7 day forecast - 4 of them look to be triple digit days. Oh but before you get too excited for us about the weather for the other days - they are all listed as 99. Anyway the triple digit weather is here for a while longer. Usually it is pretty hot here - through all of August and sometimes it is quite warm even into the middle (maybe later) of September.
I did not sleep good last night so I am VERY tired tonight. Hoping to sleep better. I have some fun planned for tomorrow so I need to get some rest. I can't remember if I mentioned that I was able to get our whole yard mowed this week with our new push mower. And I sure love this mower. So thankful for an easy start mower- I don't think I have the strength right now to be trying to get a regular start mower going. And if I did - I would be so worn out by the time I got it going- I would be useless - and unable to mow.
Ok - I am getting off of here and getting things ready so I can go to be. I hope you all are doing well.


  1. Well Lisa, we must have been thinking alike! I too have just done a post about changes where I live. So glad your cattle are back X

  2. I like the idea of having a field of cows in view from your house. How cool!

  3. Oh, the luxury of having cattle across the road, and a big pasture! It must be such a blessing to see country view like that. :)


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