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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Finishing Up a Set

I have shared before how I really like some of the older Avon things. And that I had a couple of pieces of a set and I had really wanted to find the other pieces to the set. I have kept my eye out for these pieces- while I was at thrift shops and at the Antique Shops. And had not come across the pieces that I needed

Well a couple of months ago a friend of mine who lives in Arkansas had told me that she had found the pieces for me.

Well today we had lunch together - at Cracker Barrel. And look what she remembered to bring with her~ The pieces that I needed to finish out my set.
Photo: Remember I was looking for these two pieces to go with my set? Well Thanks to my sweet friend Deb Albright - I not have them!! :O) Thanks so much Deb! I so appreciate it! :O)

Not only did she bring me those pieces but she brought me the whole entire set!!! The tall piece- that I have - has the lid missing so I use it for a vase. Now I have one that has the lid! And by the way - I don't know if you can tell or not but the lids have a cute flower design on them!

Photo: Not only did she give me the two pieces but I got an entire set!! Which is great - because my tall piece was missing the lid. I am so happy to have the complete set. What a great surprise for the day!! :O)
What a thoughtful thing for her to do or me. I am so happy to have all of this set.

When it comes to Avon pieces - I am being quite selective about what I get. I don't like everything they have - plus my perspective on live has changed a bit over the last year.

Anyway that is how my day has gone. I am still quite tired- thinking that I might be tired cause I did not sleep very good while my husband was gone. Last night - I went to sleep at about 10pm and slept straight through till 5:40am - did not even get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night like I usually do. I am thinking I will be going to bed early again tonight. Hoping to get caught up on sleep so I can feel rested. Hope you all are doing well. :o)


  1. What a wonderful gift from your sweet friend! I hope you catch up on your sleep and soon feel refreshed.

  2. I love the floral pattern on that set...lovely.
    I like the tablecloth pattern too. (I really like flowers and anything colorful.)
    Hope you get caught up on your sleep, I know how good that feels especially after not being able to sleep well for awhile.
    Blessings and love to you~ Lisa

  3. I remember some of the old Avon pieces - I think they are very hard to find now, particularly over here.

    Hope you get some more rest. I expect your hot weather doesn't help. Our lovely heat has disappeared and it has gone quite cold even though it is still sunny. X


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