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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Public Service Announcement

Just thought I would share a public service announcement of sorts. Most of my life I have had the habit of looking over my receipts after shopping. That way I can review what I bought and make sure things were priced right. Well over the last 8 months, I have not done as well with this. But thankfully I have gotten back into doing it.

Yesterday I went to Aldi's. Once I got out to my car I decided to look over my receipt - and I am REALLY glad I did! I noticed that I had been charged $12.67 for a bunch of bananas! Yep you read that right - $12.67 for about 6 bananas. I was happy I had checked while I was still in the parking lot. I went back in and showed the cashier- for some reason the bananas were scanning that amount of money. Wow! When she redid it the way it was suppose to be done my total for my bananas was only $1.02. Much better, indeed!

So be sure and take an extra couple of minutes to check your receipt before you leave the parking lot. I sure am glad I did - I would have hated to have to drive all the way back to Aldi's to take care of that.

(Second post for today - don't miss the other one posted earlier)


  1. Wise advice - I confess I don't always check, but from now on I think I should! Love Andrina x

  2. Great advice! We always check our receipts too. The other day I ran in the store, then back to the car and showed my husband what I had bought, including some bagels and we noticed that there was mold all over one of the bagels. I was glad we noticed before going home. Its easy to buy something that is going off or scanned at the wrong price and not even notice! I'm glad you caught the banana mistake!


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