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Monday, June 30, 2014

Here is me today.
Can you tell my hair is slowly growing.
Well I was wanting to get my yard mowed in order to get ready for our visit with our granddaughter for the month of July - but our riding lawn mower has a tire that has been losing air. Well I have had to air it up each time before I want to mow. And I thought today would be the same as other days- it may take longer but I eventually get the tire aired up and can get the job done. But not today- apparently the tire has a big crack in it and will not hold air. So it is a no go with getting my yard mowed today.
So I took advantage of my "new" reel push mower- and I got it out of the garage and I worked on an area in the hard that is hard to mow with the riding lawn mower. It did a really good job. It will need to have the blades lowered a bit and the blades will need to get sharpened but over all I am very pleased with it. It helped me to be able to get at least a good section of the back yard done - so that I am one step closer to being ready for the grandbabies visit.
Anyway I just wanted to post a photo since I had not posted one last week. And wanted to let you know that my $20.00 reel push mower was one of the best bargains I have gotten!!
Now I am fixing to head to Aldi's to get some groceries - wish me luck - first time with no hat.
Have a wonderful day! :O)


  1. This is a huge jump from the other photo you posted earlier, but whether you have little or much you're beautiful. :-)


  2. Your hair is getting a lot longer! Hope you find some great deals at Aldi's. :)

  3. It is really growing! You're looking great!


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