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Monday, June 16, 2014

I love Monkey's

Well I tried to get a photo for the weekly watch of how my hair is growing and was not able to get a good one today Although it seems a little bit longer- it seems that when the light hits my head in the bathroom -that it kind of looks like my hair is thin on the top. So it makes it hard to tell what it really is. I will try again tomorrow to get a good photo. It feels a bit thicker. And my eye lashes are coming in nicely- although they are still 1/4th or so of the regular length of them. At least it is worth putting mascara on them now!
I just saw this on Facebook this morning and just had to share it here. It is very good advice. And I have always loved monkeys so that made me like this even more.
I went on a good walk this morning- before it got too warm. Then I got some weed eating done in my front and some in my back yard. I am so happy one of my crape myrtle's has begun to bloom and the one behind it is not too far behind. The big one beyond that is not yet blooming but maybe in the next week or so will.
Photo: Yay!! One of my crape myrtles is blooming! :0)
My Mother in law has some burgundy crape myrtle shoots that are coming up around her plants and she does not want them. Said we could dig them up and have them. So we are trying to decide where we want to plant them. I am thinking of putting at least one in our back yard for more color and beauty there.

Well I have some hemming to do- so I better get off of here and get busy. I hope you all are having a good day. :O)


  1. It makes me happy, when you are happy.

  2. How fun to have flowers blooming and more on the way! I'm glad God let flowers still grow, to remind us of our heaven-home.

    1. I am especially happy to have the flowers that come back year after year - especially when years come(like this year) that we really can't afford to buy flowers and such. :O)

  3. Such beautiful flowers! I love this time of year with all of the blooming flowers and birds singing!

  4. Hi Lisa, I am so excited for you and your hair growing back. I imagine it will be full and think in no time at all.

    Love your flowers blooming and how nice your mil is sharing the new shoots from her crape myrtle. Enjoy and blessings to you for a lovely day!!

    1. Thank you - I sure hope it is full and thick soon. :O)


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