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Monday, June 30, 2014

And Then the Next Step

Sometimes our journey seems to go slowly, but other times it seems to pick up pace. And that is what has happened to me. For the last few weeks I knew that it was coming to the time that I would have to just lay the hat down and go out into my life just the way I was. I was tired of wearing the hat or wig- ever so often. They are both hot and the wig is itchy. This week ends camping trip took me to a place that no one knew me - and it gave me more confidence to take off the hat and ease myself into the newest part of my adventure.

Not only was yesterday the first day that I went without a hat - all day long. But it was also the day that I decided no more hiding. I posted this photo of me on facebook:

 Although my hair is a bit longer - I decided that the next step would be to share the photo. That way people seeing me with my new do would be more on my terms. And there is a freedom that I feel - that I did not feel before.

I did not choose this "adventure" but I can choose to be more comfortable on this "adventure" by moving forward in the healing process. I feel happier today and more grateful. I feel like I have overcome another fear and it feels good.

I shared the photo on a private group on Facebook for Women who are fighting Uterine Cancer
and one of the ladies had this to day about when she decided no more hats and no more scarves:

"It was the best most freeing experience I had.
  It was a moment I won't forget.
  It was like I thumbed my nose at cancer
and said "I'm done with you". "

Couldn't have said it better. Sometimes you just have to take the next step and you will be happy when you do. Not saying it will be easy - but saying it will be worth it.

Now I need to get off of here and get my yard mowed and ready for our granddaughters visit! :O)


  1. Good for you! I won't pretend to know how it is, but you. are. beautiful. Bless you...adding you to my prayer journal. And yay for granddaughter visits! ~Pamela

  2. Well done, Lisa! You're an inspiration.


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