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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"I Love You's" from God

My husband and I like to do puzzles; however, we do not like paying a lot of money for puzzles. So we buy them from the thrift store. One of the thrift stores that I go to - has a lady that does the puzzles before they sell them to make sure that all the pieces are there. The only problem is that the puzzles still run more than I want to pay for a puzzle.
A favorite little thrift store in the area - sells their puzzles for 25-50 cents for a puzzle. That is more my style. So far all of the puzzles that we have gotten from them - have had all the pieces- I hope that continues.
Remember when I told you about going to the thrift store to pick up a few more puzzles last week.
Well one of the puzzles that I got - showed where the puzzle had originally came with a magnet. I have always wanted one of the magnets - but by the time that we buy the puzzle - the magnets are gone. So this morning - I am looking at this puzzle and I move it around and I hear a different noise than the usual pieces moving around sound. So I open up the puzzle and guess what I found?
A brand new puzzle and a brand new magnet!!!
What a wonderful I love you from God. I bought the puzzle for 25 cents and not only did I get a brand new puzzle but I also got a magnet. And it is even more special because on the barn it says - "Ladies of Lancaster- Quilts on Display" Along with several different quilts on the puzzle.
I love - I love you from God. I love that I will put this magnet on my fridge and will always remember today and what a joy it was to open that puzzle and find this magnet! What a blessing! :O)


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    1. Oh Denise- I am sure that you bring God much joy with the love for Him that bubbles up in your soul! God bless_ Lisa :O)

  2. I really like the title of this blog post! I'm feeling blessed to read about your blessing. The scene on that magnet is beautiful! And how appropriate for you. God loves you and I do too. I'm so thankful for your friendship, your prayers and your love for the Lord.

    1. Thank you so much Lauren! Love you too
      God bless~ Lisa :O)


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