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Monday, July 11, 2016

50 by 50

What a catchy title, isn't it? I thought so! In light of the news that my husband got while in the hospital - I have made a decision. I want to lose 50 pounds - by... you guessed it... the time that I turn 50 years old. I have right at 3 1/2 years to make that goal. Yes- it shouldn't take me that long -but as difficult as it has been for me to lose any weight at all- especially since my hysterectomy- I wanted to make it a doable goal. Not only a doable goal  - but this way - I may lose the 50 pounds before I turn 50 but this way I will be encouraged to keep that weight off so that when I turn 50 - I can be at my goal weight! .

I know that there are changes that I need to make and I have known for a while - but I think that the fear of medical issues rising their ugly heads should help keep me in the straight and narrow of healthy choices for the most part. I sure hope so. I have faith that the changes that I make will lead to weight loss. It might be slow go - but anything in that direction will be wonderful!

Something great that I figured into this number is the fact that many times a person has a hard time losing that last 10 pounds. Well the way I figured out my goal is to work that 10 pounds in - so if I just lose 40 pounds - I will perfectly content because that is a good weight for me. If I am able to continue on to the total 50 pounds - then it is a good bonus for me. Either way I win! Either way I am happy! This is a process. This will be gradual and I realize and accept that.

Anyway - So I will be up dating from time to time about the "50 by 50" so be watching for that.

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