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Monday, July 18, 2016

Upside Down

While my husband was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago, he got a diagnosis that kind of turned his life upside down. That is how he felt about it anyway. And I understand, because of this diagnosis - things needed to be changed. And thankfully he has been working towards the changes.

He is Dr. had been watching his blood levels, except that over 2015 he did not end up going to the Dr for anything at all. 2014 was a very busy medical year for both my husband and I. In fact, it took until about a month or so ago for us to get my husbands last big hospital bill paid off. So when J went into the hospital with chest pains. They took ran blood tests and come to find out that he is diabetic. Not what he wanted to hear.

My husband loves his sweet tea. I think that has been the hardest thing for him to give us. I am been so very proud of him - he gave it up. I got some Splenda and he has been drinking it. And he has been drinking more water. Also it was nice to find G2 - which is Gaterade that is lower in sugar. So although my husband still misses his sweet tea - he has been making much better choices.

When my husband got his diagnosis, I decided that I, too, needed to make some changes. I had some risk factors that make it more likely for me to get diabetes as well. So I, too, have made changes. I have been more mindful of what I am eating and drinking. And I think that these changes are going to make it so much easier for me to meet my goal of 50 by 50.

Last Sunday morning, my husband woke up before I ate my breakfast - so he checked my fasting glucose levels. I was happy with the number- less than 100. I had remembered that I had been running right at 100 lately. Once I got the new number - I decided to go to my most recent blood work levels and once I looked - I was shocked! It had been 103. I had not realized that I had that high of a number! I guess during the same visit my LDL was high and that was more the focus so it had not really registered in my mind that my number was that high. So believe me when I say I was very happy to get a number of 98 when I tested last Sunday.

I plan on testing every so often to keep an eye on my numbers. But I believe that as I continue to make better choices, that number will come down and I can keep from being diagnosed!

So the beginning of July has seen many changes around here. We are both seeing good results and look forward to seeing more good results.

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  1. It sure is hard to make all these changes, but it is worth it! Keep up the good work!


Hello~ I love getting your comments. I have made a few changes to make things a little easier for you and hoping a more enjoyable experience for both you and I. Have a blessed day! :o)