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Friday, July 29, 2016

Several Prayer Requests

Oh my goodness- things have been very busy around here. So much going on. Things should calm down after this week end and I will have a chance to get some more posts typed up. I have a new little series that I want to do. And I will also be sharing a little up date on my 50 by 50.
I have several prayer requests:

We need to find a home for a couple of our cats- one of our cats and at least one of the kittens. We already had 2 cats when the kittens came along- the two did not get along and now that we have the kittens the two cats fight- so we are going to be trying to get rid of the cat that does not like the kittens either. It will make a much more peaceful home. We are also planning to get rid of at least one of the kittens. Please pray that we can find a home for these two kitties.

Also we have a kitten that is having some health issues - which is causing him to poop where he is not suppose to - which is causing me a whole lot of extra work. Please pray that we can figure out something to help him to stop having accidents.

My husband has a choice to make with his job situation and I am praying that God will lead him in the right direction. Please join me.

Well that is all I can think of right now. Thanks so much for the prayers. :O)

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