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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Treasures Found

 Ok - So I had meant to get on here yesterday morning and write out the next poem for our Heart Gifts series, but I ended up having to take care of a few things instead. So that post might be delayed till tomorrow since right now I am more of a mood to share with you some treasures that I found.

I went to my favorite little thrift store in a town nearby and I found some awesome cookbooks!! These first 3 cookbooks are usually 12.00 or 15.00 dollars. I paid - $1.00 a piece for them! You can't beat that. That is why I love this thrift store! I just have to be patient.
One thing that I really love about these cookbooks is that they have so much more than just recipes in them. At the beginning of each book there are a few extras. This first book has a couple of pages that tell of home remedies- like essential oils, charcoal and herbs. It has a pages that explains what Omega- 3 is and why it is important in our diets and how we can incorporate more into our diets. The next several pages tell of different ingredients and why they are so important in filling our nutritional needs. Then there are a couple of pages telling of the benefits of fruits and veggies in our diet - and what nutrients that they provide and also the good that they do for our bodies
With 150 recipe in this book there are plenty to try out and I am sure to love some.  
At the beginning of this next book - you will find a broader explanation of the "Simple Home Remedy- Charcoal." Next up is a page telling of "Spices, Condiments and Leavenings." Then a "Glossary- Food Dictionary" here again different ingredients are listed and there is important information on them.
At the back of this book - it has a section telling how to make "Healthy Baby Foods" 
So we are at book three in this set. At the beginning of this book - we find a section called, "Water, Water, Water"
"In health and in sickness, pure water is one of heaven's choicest blessings.
 Its proper use promotes health."
 quote from Ministry of Healing, page 237)
Next we find the author's testimony - along with a page or two of other testimonies.
Then another food glossary. This is to help because there may be ingredients in these books that you have not heard of before. 

This next cookbook that I found- I actually have a copy of it already. My copy is well worn and the cover is long gone. So I was happy to see this nice copy- in much better shape than how I got my copy. It was written and copyright date of 1979 and revised in 1983.  This cookbook was written by Agatha Thrash, M.D.
If I understand correctly Agatha Thrash and her husband(both have passed way) were the founders or part of the founders of Uchee Pines which is a lifestyle center that puts on seminars and training programs. On the website there are counseling sheets that have some information that may be very helpful in dealing with different health ailments. I am including links to both the home page and the counseling sheets pages - just in case anyone is interested.

"Blessed art thou o'land when the princes eat for strength and not for drunkenness."
Ecclesiastes 10:17

SO that was all the cookbooks that I got.
Next is something so very cool! I found a Mr. Christmas Santa's Marching Band!
I have looked it up on google and I think that they play 35 different Christmas songs. One of the people on ebay had a photo of the songs but I could not see the photo big enough to see what the songs were. I do have 1 of the ringer rods-(what the people hold that they use to hit the bells to make music) missing. The set came with 2 replacements - originally - I saw that in the ebay ad as well. Wish we had a replacement want thing. I am hoping somehow I can figure out how to get one or maybe we can figure out how to make one.

You have to see a close up of Santa. And notice the clear bulb on his hat- it lights up when he hits a bell.
The Marching band people have a little red light that lights up on their heads as well.  
And for now this is where I have them - on my table - around my new center piece. Eventually I am thinking of setting up a place on our bar - and putting them around a small Christmas tree- but we don't have the Christmas tree - right now so that will have to wait till we get the tree.  
In the photo you saw the other cool thing that I found- for only $1.00 - I found a great thing to put in the middle of my table!

And finally when I took my MIL to the Dr this week - we saw this great sign. I took a photo of it because I thought we all need to be reminded of this. While we are going through this season- many times it is easy with so much to do - we can feel overwhelmed - but be sure and not get your tinsel in a tangle!

 Oh please do keep me in your prayers. I have to go back to the sleep study place tonight- to try out a machine to see how I do and how best to set up the settings for me. Please pray that I am able to get some sleep and that I can get used to what ever it is that I am going to have to use. Thanks so much! :O)

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  1. You found some awesome things! And I bet you can make a rod for the missing one out of a dowel rod and wooden bead!


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