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Monday, December 28, 2015

Picking Up the Machine

As you all know - I had a sleep study done and I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea.
On Tuesday, December 22, was the day that I picked up my cpap machine. Cpap stands for : Continuous positive airway pressure. 

When I went in for my trial run with my cpap I was allowed to pick which ever mask that I wanted to - so I picked a nasal pillows sleep mask. And it seemed to work just fine.

But when I went in to pick up my machine - I was told that a full mask was prescribed for me. Apparently I breath with my mouth at time. I was not happy about the change at all. I tried to be nice about it but let them know I was not happy about it. They fitted me for the full mask and also for the nasal pillows. By the end of it I decided - well maybe the Dr had a good reason to prescribe the full mask - so I went ahead with it.

I learned a few things about the cpap machine- they are prescribed for different reasons- the one I remember the most about was that they are prescribed for those with Down Syndrome- apparently sometimes at night they forget to breath.

I also learned that those who have heart problems can benefit from using a cpap machine. Apparently those with heart problems - when they don't use a machine can end up with me problems. Because when you stop breathing you put more pressure on the heart and damage can be done.

Anyway so it is a good idea to talk to your Dr about it if you think you may have sleep apnea.

I will be posting another post to let you all know how things have gone with my cpap machine and all. So check back later in the week. :O)

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