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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Higher or Not?

I live between two towns. In one town I have a Goodwill Super Store and in the other town - just a regular Goodwill.

I have heard people say that the super stores have higher prices on things than the regular stores. Well I am here to say that just isn't always the case. And I have a prime example to share.

Last week in the hustle and bustle of holiday activities I dropped by my local Goodwill. I found something awesome a vintage Avon Pitcher and Bowl set.
It cleaned up nicely and is a beautiful addition to my Avon collection. I do not collect ALL Avon things- but I do enjoy finding pretty Avon things for good deals.

On Christmas eve - I found my self in the other town and decided to drop by their Goodwill store where I found this:

I picked it up and turned it over and was surprised to see that it had a price tag of $3.99. No - I didn't pay that much for mine at the Goodwill Super Center. Nope- I only paid $1.99- for mine.
So you see it is best to keep an open mind and remember good deals are every where, you just have to look for them.

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