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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Thrifty Tips

So I wanted to share a thrifty tip that I have been reminded of recently. The last couple of weeks as we have visited a local thrift store- we have found some awesome Christmas items! I realized that I have not really like the new Christmas items sold at stores these days. What brings me more joy is the things made years ago. Not all of what we have found have been considered antiques but - some have been. It just seems that I like things that were made before the last couple of years. The things now seem to not have as much detail and character to them. Anyway so today I wanted to share that if you would like more items to decorate your home for the holidays - you may want to start looking at thrift stores and such because up until this year - I really did not enjoy decorating for Christmas because I did not have as much stuff as I really liked to decorate- and now with a few purchases - I have a decent amount of great things that bring me joy. Now I will look forward to decorating the house for Christmas!

Here is a sampling of some of the great deals we have found:

This center piece I showed last week - $1.00 - and it look great with my table cloth!

I love this "JOY" nativity set. We found this at the Antique Mall and paid just over $3.00 for it.
I love it!  

This next set - almost got over looked by me. In fact, I had walked past it. My husband took a little more time at the Christmas shelf and found it. I was thrilled when I saw it.
And for 75 cents- we thought it was a great deal! 
Oh this photo shows how tiny the set is! We are on the look out for a great little stable for it. Hoping I find something great - when I do - I will post it on here.
And of course this great Mr Christmas Marching Band set - that cost me $5.00 but was well worth the money!  
This next photo shows a cute little set. I actually have the exact same set - that were not made to be ornaments, notice the gold thread on these to hang up. Well my husband found it for about $3.00. We bought it because my granddaughter loves my set. So we bought this set. We cut off the gold thread and we are going to give the set to our granddaughter for Christmas. She loves to decorate her room at her daddies house.
And my plan is that we are going to let her open this present up first. Then we will read our Children's Nativity book and let her play with these guys while the story is read. This will be done before opening the presents.
Anyway - so like I said - if you are looking for holiday decorations- you may want to try thrift stores or Goodwill stores. You are sure to find some gently loved great items that will brighten your holidays as well and for a fraction of the price.
Oh I actually found my Christmas Cards at my little thrift store for $1.00. And they were very pretty cards! Give it a try. Oh and if you find some great finds come back and share your finds with me! I love to see good deals- even if they are not my good deals! :O)

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