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Monday, December 21, 2015

Getting Gas in God's Timing

Did you realize that even when you get gas could be something that is done in God's timing? I did not know until last week. Here is what happened:

My husband had planned on getting gas on his way home from work, but ended up working over a bit and by the time he was headed home - he was too tired. So he decided to wait until the week end and us go get gas. Well we had a lot of errands to run and by the time we were done - we just did not get around to getting the gas. So on Monday on his way home from work - he stopped by QT and filled up. This ended up being a blessing in more than one way. First of all the price for gas had been $1.68 when he filled up. The next morning on his way to work, he noticed prices of gas were $1.86. What a jump in price!

But that was not the biggest blessing. Tuesday morning I got a phone call. It was from the fraud department from our bank needing to speak to my husband. Well I got the phone number to my husband and waited patiently to hear what was going on. Well come to find out someone in Illinois had used my husbands debit card number to make 3 purchases - one of them was for over $100.00! These charges came through and then my husband stopped by QT, a normal place for him to stop, and got gas and the bank knew something was wrong and they cancelled his debit card. And then the next morning contacted us. So as you can see - had my husband gotten gas on Friday or on Sunday - as was his plan - it would have been much longer before this fraud was caught. And it would have been stressful for us indeed. The way it worked out - by him getting gas in God's timing - the problem was taken care of before we realized there was a problem.

I am praising God for this blessing. We don't realize how many blessings we have or how many times we are protected from harm and danger coming our way. God is good and only allows what could be beneficial to us to come our way. The things may be painful but God has promised to give us what we need for each day. As one of my favorite promises says- in my rendition of it- "As are your days, so shall be your strength!" Deut. 33:25b God provides what we need - we just need to look to Him. :O)

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  1. So thankful God allowed the schedule He did, so the bank would catch that something was wrong!


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