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Friday, November 7, 2014

Wow - What a Week

Ok - So I had planned on getting a blog post together about the health principals - and I have worked on it but just not done yet because...well... life got in the way.

I had my first physical therapy appointment on Tuesday - that is when they evaluated me to see what was going on with me and what I needed help with. Then yesterday I had my first real appointment doing the activities that the PT came up with to help my back. My appointment was at 11:15am. And they were very prompt at getting me back there. I began by walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes to get me warmed up. And then I spent the next hour and twenty minutes doing exercises. So yes -I was there for 1 1/2 hours. I had been under the impression that it would only be about an hour. And maybe once they don't have to explain thing to me so much it won't take so long.

I had a very nice lady do the evaluation and had noticed a lot of men working with people and had thought, "I am so happy to have gotten a lady." Well guess what - when I went for PT yesterday it was mostly a man that was working with me. It was alright. I would have preferred a woman but I will do what ever I have to do in order to improve how I have been doing.

Oh and by the way - guess what? For the first time ever I got a "free" tee shirt. The Physical Therapy place has tee shirts and gave me one! I know it is for advertising for them but hey - I like getting free stuff and it was great. I was telling my husband about it and he said, "Don't forget - you will also be getting 3 free Pathfinder tee shirts!" Yay - so I went 44 years without getting any tee shirts and then this year I get 4- that I awesome! Truthfully I am not really a tee shirt type of girl - I would rather have more girly clothes, but going to PT I think it will be the best thing I can wear - very modest and plain(grey). So I am happy! I know I could have gotten a free Carter Blood Bank tee shirt like my husband has for the last few years, since we have a blood drive at our church once a year- but I am really a pansy when it comes to having a needle in my arm - I do not like one in there- When I am having my blood drawn I am always ready to have the needle out of there asap. So I am to much of a pansy to get one of their tee shirts. Thankful for the ones I have gotten.

Anyway so I spent longer there than I had anticipated. When I got done I noticed there was a missed call from my oncology dr. So I checked my messages and sure enough it was her nurse letting me know that my Dr had to do a surgery on Friday morning, when my 2nd 3 month checkup was suppose to be so they needed to reschedule me. So I went back home and I called and set up the new appointment for next Friday. I was disappointed because I was really wanting to get that out of the way and I am really wanting to try to get the port removed before this year ends. Maybe it is a good thing to be put off a week because since I am having physical therapy during the month of November - maybe I need to wait until Dec to have the port taken out. That way I can be of good use to my MIL for Thanksgiving Dinner- one of my sister in laws will be having a hysterectomy the week before.

Well I had known about this appointment with my oncologist for 3 months and so when I realized that my appointment would be the same time as my Block of the Month meeting would be - I put off making my block and instead I worked on some little costumes for our granddaughters Sabbath School class- so the children can act out the Bible Stories. Anyway once I found out that I would not have my Dr appointment- I realized I needed to get my block done. But yesterday was a busy day with my longer than anticipated appointment and some important errands to run. Anyway I was able to force myself, and yes it took me forcing myself to get me to get to the Sewing Room and get my block done. I don't like to work on my blocks under forced conditions, it just does not seem as fun then. Anyway here is the new block:

So today will be a busy day as well- with my normal Friday cleaning and getting ready for Sabbath. My Block of the Month meeting, my husband needs to get his blood taken, and we have groceries to get. Then we are hoping for a restful Sabbath Day. Well mostly restful since we have a bon fire
that we are going to - for hot dogs and marshmellows for our Pathfinder group. Which reminds me- I need to make up some deserts to take to it. I know what I want to make - I just have to make sure I have all the ingredients.

Anyway so you can see why I did not get the post done that I wanted to get to get done. I did find a great book and I think I might have to just do a series on the health principals. So I will have to think on it and decide if I want to do one total post about what each one is doing for me and then a series of more information on each principal or just divide it up into a series. I will pray about it and see where God leads.

Ok - I hope you all have a great day! :O)


  1. Wow, what a busy week! Your block looks fab! I'm happy to hear about your free shirts! It's always fun to get something useful for free :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah - I love getting free stuff!
      Have a great week end! Lisa :O)

  2. You have been super busy indeed! So happy you are getting good P.T.!

    1. I really had not wanted to go to PT but I am thinking I will be learning things that will help me for the rest of my life. Have a great week end! Lisa :O)

  3. I am a pansy too! Needles and I are not friends! I had to donate blood when my oldest had open heart surgery. I felt so badly for crying when my sweets was about to undergo a major surgery.
    I love your work well under pressure. It's beautiful.
    I'm glad PT went well. I hope you are feeling better very soon. I know it stinks to have your oncology appointment changed, but hang in there and it will be here soon. You are a trooper sweet friend! :) xoxo

    1. Oh Marci - I bet that was very tramatic - worried about your child and having to deal with needles and all. So glad that is behind you.
      I was doing pretty good - but went walking today and over did it a bit - so have been hurting more this afternoon. Have PT again tomorrow and will be taking it a bit easier - walking still but not taking the route that takes me up a steep incline- will go the other way that has a lower incline.
      Hope your leg/knee is doing better- is it?
      Lisa :O)


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