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Monday, November 17, 2014

A Hair Update

Just a post to up date how my hair is growing.
Because I see it every day it does not seem like it is growing very fast but because I have tried to take a photo of it every other week or so - I am able to go compare my photos with previous photos and I can tell that it is slowly growing.

I am thankful to be able to say that it is not long enough that it does not dry sticking straight up - if I don't style it right away and if I comb it - it will dry laying to the sides. I am happy about that.

I wanted to share something else that I found funny! Do you remember when I tried on wigs- prior to losing my hair? Did I ever share this one?
This morning before I styled my hair I noticed a similarity and I found it funny! It's like this wig was a bit of a prediction of what my hair would do after chemo.
I don't know if it shows up that good but each side over the ears flares up. I just thought it was funny because it really did remind me of the previous photo!
This will be another busy week. I have PT on Tuesday and Thursday. I have an appointment with the Dermatologist on Thursday as well. And on Monday I should hear from my regular Dr on results of urine culture and also if she was able to set me up an appointment with the urologist. I am hoping to get in with a female urologist as soon as possible. And there is a good chance that I will hear from my oncologist's nurse about my port removal- when it is scheduled for. I also have a few none medical appointments as well.

Next Saturday night our youth club will be having a spaghetti meal with an auction- so I will be helping with getting ready for that. Some of the helping will be this morning. And then closer to that day I will need to make up some deserts for it. The closer we get the more things I am figuring I will be asked to help with.
I also have 2 family members having surgeries this week- Miss M and Miss A-I am praying for positive results. If you would keep them in your prayers I would appreciate it.
Hope you all have a good week! :O)


  1. Gorgeous. I'm so happy your hair is growing back so well. Hugs to you!

  2. Your hair is getting really cute! And it is funny about the little ear flares looking similar to the wig you tried on! Will be praying for all your medical appointments to work out well, and for your family members as well.

    1. Thank You Susan! I really appreciate the prayers :O)

  3. Hi Lisa! Your hair looks so thick! And yes, I will pray for your family members as they face surgery this week. It's fun to see the smile on your face, and all the plans you have. You go girl!!

    1. Ceil~ Thank you so much - blow drying and curling my hair really does make it look thicker. Thanks for the prayers! Hope you are doing well~ Lisa :O)


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