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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

To Know God...series...It's Our Choice

"One day my dad came to me and said, "Son,  have a proposition to make to you. I want to give you a million dollars."
And I laughed! I knew a little bit more about my dad's bank account than that!
But he persisted.  "Pretend that I'm a multimillionaire and that I'm going to give you a million dollars. Are you interested?"
"Of course."
He continued. "There are two conditions. First of all, you have to agree to spend the whole million in one year."
Well, I would have preferred to spread the fun out over a longer period of time, but better a million for one year than no million at all.
"The second condition is that at the end of the year, you die in the gas chamber."
And I said, " I beg your pardon?"
He said, "At the end of the year, you die. There's no way out You can't use the money to get lost on some tropical island. It s a sure thing that you'll die at the end of the year. Are you still interested?"
I said, "No way!"
"Why not?"
"Because I'd be spending the whole year thinking about the gas chamber. And that would spoil eve the fun of one year."
I've tried that out on many people since that time, and the answer is usually the same. It is not that good a deal to trade one year, even if it is a fantastic year, for a whole lifetime.

The Moral of the Story!

Then my father came in with the punch line that you could expect a preacher to give his preacher's kid! "Now pretend that I am the devil, and I make you a similar offer. I say, 'You can have seventy years to do exactly as you please. No rules, no regulations. You can do anything, go anywhere. No inhibitions, no morality, no restrictions. Have fun. Live it up. But at the end of the seventy years you will end up in the lake of fire with me.' "

And my dad said, "Are you interested?"
There are thousands of people who have accepted this offer and thought that they were making a wise choice.
Most of us are willing to accept the premise that it would be foolish to settle for one year when seventy years are available. But what about settling for seventy years when you could have eternity? It's foolish, even on the basis of logic and reason, to turn down God's offer of eternal life. But thousands have turned it down and will turn it down. Thousands will settle for the temporary pleasures and lose eternity."

Today I wanted to leave a song that I thought fit in perfectly at this point in this series. Enjoy! :O)


  1. I'm so happy my dad wasn't this type of a preacher.

    1. Cynia~ What type of a preacher was your dad? Lisa :O)

  2. Wow! This is so powerful! I am going to stick this in my heart and use it when I speak to people about Jesus. You are always such a blessing to my heart and soul! I love you my sweet friend! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Denise- I am glad you enjoyed it. The book has been awesome! SO much so I wanted to at least share bits and pieces of it. <> Lisa :O)


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