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Friday, November 21, 2014

So Very Busy......

Just dropping in for a few minutes. This has been a busy week. Actually November has been a busy month for me. I have ended up having Physical Therapy 2 times a week. And then having at least one Dr appointment -sometimes 2 - each week as well. It just seems it has been hard to keep up with things, especially on here. 

This week my extra appointment was with the Dermatologist. I found out that the moles I wanted checked out are fine and I have the choice as to have them removed or not. I chose on that day to wait. I just have a lot on my plate already so I decided to wait. May not do it at all but if I do it will be in December sometime.

This week I also got a phone call to set up my Port Removal surgery. It ends up being on December 3rd. Which will also mark my 1 year anniversary from my diagnosis of cancer. When I told the nice lady that was setting up the appointment for me, that it made me a bit concerned. She said to just look at it as coming full circle. I am happy to be able to have this done, especially before the end of the year. Just a bit nervous. Will be happy when it is behind me.

I am doing well at Physical Therapy. I am noticing some improvement, but I am still having the numbness and tingling in my right leg - sometimes when I am standing and when I am laying down. Hopefully the physical therapy will solve the problem. I may have a problem if I end up needing more therapy after the end of this month- especially since I am having the port removed. I am hoping that I will be able to continue to do a lot of the stuff that I am doing at my therapy. Today I actually went and bought myself a ball so I can do some of the exercised here at home. So after my therapy I will be able to do stuff here too. I have really enjoyed the hour of working on a stronger me. I was happy to find my resistant bands - will just have to figure out what exercises that I will do with them.

Well we have a busy week end ahead- with a Pathfinder Spaghetti Dinner with Auction( a fundraiser for Pathfinders) Me making 5 sheet cakes for the dinner. Helping with the dinner. Our Pathfinders will be passing out 17 food baskets to needy people in our area. Plus a few more things. I will try to check in sometime this week end - if not hopefully by Monday I will have a chance to check in.

I hope you all are doing well. :O)


  1. Yes, full circle indeed! So happy that you will have the port out be by Christmas. My heart smiles at how well you are doing. <3

    1. Thanks Marci- I am nervous about it- can't wait till it is behind me! :)


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