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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Don't Fall For Deceiving Diets

You have to have patience to lose weight the healthy way, because often times it is slow weight lose. Especially when compared to some other diet options. But in the long run those other weight lose avenues are not all they are cracked up to be.

Today I want to share a little information that may help some of you that are trying to lose weight. Last week I was watching  health show and there was a Dr being interviewed on healthy weight loss. He told about two men how were trying to lose weight.

We are going to look at two men that were wanting to lose weight. Their names are Phil and Bob. Phil went on a high protein diet. Bob decide to lose weight the healthy way- basically eating more of a plant based diet along with exercise.

After a month Phil had lost 20 pounds and Bob had lost 7 pounds. At first it may appear that Phil was more successful. However, because of the way that Phil lost the weight with a high protein(low carbs) He had kind of put his body in starvation mode and 1/2 of what he had lost was actually muscle.

The losing muscle is significant for several reasons but the one that stood out to me the most was that muscle burns more fat and so the more muscle you have- the more fact will be burned - even at rest. So once Phil stops his diet,  because high protein, low carb diets are not something that you'd do forever( it really sounds like it would be detrimental to your health to do so) he will end up not only gaining what he has lost back but he will probably gain more weight- even doing the same exact things he had done before the diet. Why? because he has less muscle burning - less fat.

So we look at Bob after 1 month, he had only lost 7 pounds, but he had not lost the significant amount of muscle like Phil had.  In fact, by exercising he has probably built more muscle, but even if he did not he would still be in better shape- than losing half of the weight loss being muscles. Another positive thing is that he is also on a healthy diet that he can continue on the rest of his live. So he may not have lost the weight as quickly but it will be a long term weight loss. And even if for some reason he falls off the healthy eating wagon - he might gain some weight back but he is not likely to gain so much weight that he ends up larger than when he started off... Ask me ... I know from my own experience- when I fell off the wagon I ended up gaining some weight back but luckily I have never gone over where I had started from.

So I wanted to share this with you all because when I heard this it made a lot of sense to me. I have known people who went on the high protein, low carb diets and they did lose weight quickly- and it was tempting to try it; however, when you are empowered with the knowledge that half of the weight lost is from muscle loss- you will realize that it might look like a good idea but long term it's not. Chose the healthy way to lose weight and in the end you won't regret you did!


Be sure to check in on Friday - I have a wonderful blessing to share with you all. Plus I am planning on trying the Magic Potion again with less lemon and I will share with you all how I liked it. If any of you have juicing recipes that you use - please share I would be interested in getting some tried and true recipes. Also if the juices are especially good for certain things- I would like to know that as well. See you soon. :O)

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  1. I agree... losing weight the healthy way is the only way to go! For me, all other "diets" have failed. Only changing my lifestyle and habits gave me lasting results.
    I'm really looking forward to your Friday post!!


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