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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Desires of Your Heart and more

Several years ago, I had thought how nice it would be to have a nice elliptical machine at our home so that on days that it was too hot or too cold to go out side to exercise I could exercise at home. Well I began to look around at the machines that I was interested in and the ones that I really liked ended up costing quite a bit of money and I had thought there is no way I can spend that kind of money on something and then maybe not even use it very much(just in case I did not use it much). So I decided not to get one. But have been wanting some way to exercise here at home.
Well Sunday I went to my favorite little thrift store in a town nearby and there was this awesome machine out front.
My husband had been called into work so I did not have a way to get it home. And then I thought oh where would I put it anyway. Since the weather was so pretty and I had been able to walk outside - the need did not seem so big.
Then the cold front blew through with high winds and very chilly temperatures. Then I realized the need for the awesome machine I had seen. So I decided after Physical Therapy on Tuesday I would go by and see if by some chance it was there again. Many times if I don't get cool things when I see them - they are long gone by the time I go again. But I got lucky this time. Well by lucky I mean - God knew that this was something that I was wanting and held it there to bless me with it.
The little shop closes at 2pm and I did not have a way to get it till after 4pm. The nice lady who runs the shop said she would stay around and get some things done so till we could come get it. And sure enough it was still there when we got there!

I went to a little "make over my medicine cabinet" class that talks about what essential oils that night - and when I got home - I was happily surprised to find that my husband had brought into the house. Now it isn't where we want to put it yet(we have a few things to move around still) but it was in the living room so I could check it out.
I have to be honest and say that -oh my goodness this thing is going to kick my butt. I have used it for like a minute or two and that is taxing on me. So I will have to work up to using it long stretches of time. But I am still SO happy to have been blessed to be able to get it for a fraction of how much it cost new. It is a Pro Form machine and those things are expensive.
Another reason I know that it was a blessing for us is that on the way to the little store - I was talking to my husband on the phone and I told him that about $25.00 is all I could really afford to pay for it. And told him that I would have to pray about it. Well I got to the store - the machine was still there and guess what? She was asking $25.00!! Praise the Lord for this wonderful blessing. He really does give us the desires of our hearts. Sometimes/A lot of times there is a whole lot of waiting involved.
Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.   
Psalm 37:4
Ok so I told you all that I would be testing the magic potion again and tell you what I thought of it with less lemon. Well I tried it again this week - with only 1 lemon and the results well it wasn't that much better. Now the fact that I used a pretty large beet might be the reason for that - and maybe if I make this I need to adjust the amount of beet that I put into it. So basically if any of you decide to try this know that you will have to play around with the amounts till you get it to a taste that you like. It wasn't horrible by any means - it just could have been more enjoyable.
One more prayer request- I have my next 3 month check up with my oncologist tomorrow morning - so if you could keep me in your prayers I would appreciate it.
On the other issue that I asked you all to pray about - We are waiting on a test result to decide what to do next. I will probably share after we know more, if we find out anything.
Thanks so much for your prayers - they mean a lot to me! :O)

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  1. You're in my prayers, Lisa.
    I'm delighted for you in getting the exercise machine!!!! What a blessing.


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