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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jericho Road...part 2

Today is part two of our series!

"Who Could Believe It?

The Samaritan slows down. He sees you. You brace yourself for the worst. But he comes closer. He speaks gently to you. "What happened?" You're hurt! Let me help you." You can't believe it. He touches you, carefully examining you so as to cause you the least pain possible. He comes close. He begins to bind up your wounds, pouring on the oil and wine. He feels your clammy skin and realizes how cold you are. He takes off his own garment, in spit of the coolness of the evening, and wraps you in its warmth. And then kindly and tenderly he helps you onto his donkey and takes you to the closest inn, all the while encouraging you to hope for a full recovery.

As you sink back into the warmth and comfort of the bed provided for you at the good Samaritan's expense, you can hardly believe your good fortune. He cares for you all through the long night, and in the morning, when you are feeling stronger, you hear him make arrangements for you to rest there as long as necessary- at his expense! You think about your family and friends and know they will never believe it when you tell them_ but you can hardly wait to share the good news of what happened to you on the road to Jericho. "

Have you figured out who you are in the story? And how about the Good Samaritan - who is He? Come back tomorrow to find out! :O)

Quote from "Parables of the Kingdom" by Morris L. Venden page 30-31

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