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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Blessing Others Blesses Us

One of my very best friends is a very thoughtful and caring person. She is always doing nice things for other people. Making meals for other people is one of the things that she does. When I had my hysterectomy a couple of years ago- she brought over the fixings for a whole meal including desert. What a blessing it was - to have a meal already ready to go once I got home from the hospital.

So last week I decided to make up a meal for her family. Her husband had come over on a recent Sunday afternoon and had helped my husband as he was trying to get our tiller going. It didn't take long at all, but we were so thankful for his willingness to help. And so I wanted to say Thank You in a tangible way. And making a meal for her family seemed like a great idea.

So I got everything made up and since I know she drives by my house when picking up her kids - I sent her a message to see if she would be going by - sure enough she was. And she said you must have been reading my mind because I was fixing to see if you were home because I had something to drop off. Oh it worked out perfectly! So an hour or so later- she stopped by with a very thoughtful vacation baggie- with all sorts of things that would be handy to have for our vacation.

It looked even nicer when she brought it over. I did not think to take a picture before my husband and I looked through it.

Anyway as my friend drove away - I thought how wonderful God is! He used me my friend to bless me - and at the same time - He used me to bless her.

Don't ever underestimate what kindness can do. Doing for others blesses us - even if we do not get a tangible blessing- we are blessed in our souls. I know I sure was - not only by the gift that I received but by the feelings that were in my heart to know that I meant that much to my friend that she would, in the middle of her busy schedule, get a sweet little vacation bag together for my husband and I.

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