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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Not a Record but High Just the Same...

OK - so I figure you are all aware of how hot it has been here in Texas lately. But just I case you did not you know. On Sunday we had the highest temp that we have had since 2012. I am thankful we had not had that hot of weather in a couple of years - but the last week or two of triple digit temps has not been fun. I have been thankful that I have been able to get out and walk in the mornings at least several times a week. It will be great when the temps come down - for walking and everything else.

Yesterday someone gifted me with 8 - 13 gallon kitchen trash bags of their mothers fabric stash - well a little portion of it. They had taken a couple of boxes and the sister had taken a couple of boxes and I got what was left. I found a few little treasures while going through the bags. I found 3 vintage handkerchief's. I found 6 cute already put together quilt blocks that match along with a little bit of matching fabric- I may try to make a small quilt with it. I found a little bag with about vintage buttons, a thimble and some odds and ends fabrics to add to my stash. It was fun to go through the fabric - but a little disappointing at the amount of usable stuff out of those 8 bags.

Here are the quilt blocks that I found - each one has a different center flower - each with a different button. I think they are cute - The back ground of the fabric is more of a green then a blue as it shows here. Maybe looking at the photo bigger- will show the true colors.

And I shared that I finished a quilt top this week. Well here is a sneak peak:

And with some left overs - I made up - some potholders for my Dad's birthday. This is a photo of before I sewed it together. I have them sewn together now - but I am going to take some of the left over border fabric and sew around the edges with a black marble looking fabric for the binding.

I was very proud of myself for that because I am being able to be more creative and that is fun.
I will try to take a photo of them when I am done and share here.

I hope you are all doing well. I have several errands to run so I better close for now. :O)


  1. It did not seem that bad here, I was putting together a dog run for a guy.Not too bad.I guess I am so use to working in the heat though..


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