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Thursday, August 20, 2015

I hadn't thought of this question...Had you?

So I realize that this is not tomorrow- but this is the soonest that I have had a chance to get on here and get this post typed up. I shared on Monday how when we share special insight or spiritual gems that we have been blessed with - it is like the waves of an ocean - and it could ripple out to many more people than we ever even dreamed of. Well this last Sabbath as a friend and I were talking I was blessed with new insight that I thought was well worth sharing. My friend shared how she had heard a sermon and how the speaker shared that when trials came her way that she would always ask God, "What do you want me to learn from this?" This is something that I have also learned to do and have for a while. It is very important and such a blessing. Once you realize that when troubles and trials come your way - if you allow God to work in your life He is able to teach you new things and shape you to more represent Him. But where the real blessing in our conversation came what the very next thing that my friend shared with me. She said the speaker went on to say that there was another question that she had learned to ask, "God what attribute about yourself are you trying to teach me about through this?"
This is just a small sampling of what I mean by what attributes that God may want to teach us about Himself. I know that after I went through 2014 - with all of the medical testing, 6 rounds of chemo, losing my hair, several surgeries in a years time period~ I learned some important things about God that I had not truly understood before. I learned that He will supply the strength and courage for what ever He allows to come in to your life. "As are your days, so shall be your strength." Deut. 33:25b became a verse that I used many times. I has given me courage and reassurance many times. Before 2014 - I did not know that I could count on Jesus Christ to get me through what ever it is that I faced. I learned that God was faithful. And that God was Good...ALL the time.

So I am hoping that I remember the next time I find myself in the midst of a storm that I will step back and ask myself not only "What do you want me to learn from this, God?" but also "God, What attribute about Yourself are you trying to teach me about through this?" I think it is great and helps open us up to learning these new things that God wants us to learn. And not only that but also it takes the focus off of us and our troubles and puts our focus back on Jesus - where it needs to be.

I hope you were blessed by this as I was. :O)


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