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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It Sure is Hot

Just in case you guys were wondering - yes - we are in the dog days of summer.
What is sad is that when you look at the 7 day forecast it is all triple digits.... I tell you what it has been hot here. I am trying to make sure my chickens have fresh water and then running water through the dry creek bed- every afternoon. That area of the ground stays pretty saturated- which is good it helps keep the chickens cooler.

I am back to trying to get my walking in - in the early morning. This morning our low was 80- I was thankful for the breeze that blew ever so often. Also glad that the dog that was loose yesterday was not loose this morning. I could not see it good but I had a bad feeling about it so I just turned around and went back home and worked on some jobs in the yard. This morning I got a good walk in. Hoping to get a good walk tomorrow as well.

In this kind of weather - you have to do as much of your outside jobs in the morning or evenings. We have some 1/2 inch insulation sheets- and have cut some out to put in a couple of the west facing windows in our sunroom - and we have noticed a difference in the amount of heat that is felt coming in. Oh and wouldn't you know it- our AC unit informed us that the filter needed to be changed - and I had forgotten to order them when I put the last one in. Our unit uses a special filter that is 4 inches tall- and so it is not something you can buy at Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowes - so we have to order them. Good thing is that I was able to find a set of three on Amazon Prime and should get them Friday. That will help tremendously.

Well I better close - I just wanted to let you all know how hot is here. I hope you all are staying cool the best you can. Praising God - we are. Today my electricity went off for like 5 minutes and I was thrilled when it came back on! :O)


  1. it is really hot here too, stay safe.

  2. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, I know ,it is still hot out side.
    I hope we get some rain.

    Renee in N.Texas ;-)


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