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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It's All Good

Sorry it has taken me so long to post an up date. Dr said everything looked and felt good. I will get the results of my ca125 blood test tomorrow and should get the rest of the results by Friday or Monday. In the whole time I have had labs done at the Texas oncology place they have never missed on the first try until today. Thankfully a more trained lady tried the second time and got it.

I hope to do a post tomorrow of one off the reasons I did not post earlier- a family member on my husbands side passed away and after her daughters got what they wanted of her stash if fabric- they brought us 8 13 gallon trash bag sized bags full of fabric. A lot of it- if not most of it is not what I will use but it's been fun going through it and I have found a few treasures to me. So I will share more tomorrow.

Oh I also finished a quilt top yesterday - and so I'd like to show you that and a secondary project that I thought of to make with the scraps. So hopefully I'll be able to pull that pits together tomorrow. :)


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