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Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer has Not left yet...

This past week end- Labor day which is usually the summers last hooray. But here in Texas, summer is defiantly here. It has been quite warm. In fact, it looks like several of the days of this next 7 days will be about 99 degrees. We have had a few days that even though the temps were not at 100- but with the heat index - it has certainly felt like it was in the triple digits. I, for one, am so ready for cooler weather to get here.

Things have been busy here. My husband had a follow up appointment this week. I will be doing a post about that sometime this next week - he is dealing with a situation that the word needs to get out there- to help other people. Look for that post next week sometime.

We have a busy week end. Our son has his daughter and then we have a potluck get together to go to Saturday night- I have had a couple of things that I had to make for it. I had block of the month today and signed up for the next years block of the month. I forgot to take a photo of the fabric - I will try to get the photo of it soon and post if possible. And then a few more extra to do's added in.

I am thinking I probably ought to try to get to bed at a decent time tonight. I am pretty tired. Hope you all are doing well. :o)


  1. I hope your husband is doing well. We sure have different weather here. We've had to have our heating on as some days are quite cold!

  2. Yes...this Texas heat is crazy. I think it's hotter now than it was in August. (Im)patiently waiting for cooler temps. :)
    I will be praying for your husband.
    Enjoy your grandbaby this weekend! :)


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