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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Just Peachy part 1

September is Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month. And because I have been affected by endometrial(Uterine) cancer- I thought I would take this chance to post some helpful information that may help others.

"There are five main types of cancer that affect a woman’s reproductive organs: cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar. As a group, they are referred to as gynecologic (GY-neh-kuh-LAH-jik) cancer. (A sixth type of gynecologic cancer is the very rare fallopian tube cancer.)" 

If you are dealing with anything that just does not seem right - be sure to talk to your Dr about it. You are your own advocate! You would rather be safe than sorry.  

I will be doing at least one post a week - just to help get the word out about these cancers that many times get over looked. Check back for more posts. Thanks :O)

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  1. My mum had uterine cancer... thank you for posting this and making us more aware. Hugs to you!


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