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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mix it up

I have learned a few important things about exercise lately and I wanted to share them with you all - just in case it will help you.

So I was listening to a speaker talking about taking care of oneself. He said that if you had a home and left for 20 years and never put any energy into it - it would decay. If you never brushed your teeth or flossed - your teeth would decay. And then he said - if you don't put out energy and exercise - your body will decay. It is very important that we exercise. When looking at all of the factors of taking care of ourselves - exercise is a very important key to doing so. And I think it needs to be on our priority list as many days of the weeks as we can prioritize it. It's really good to take a day off here and there. Just like the importance of taking care of our homes and taking care of our teeth is important to keep them from decaying- so it is important to take care of our body's! 

I have also learned another important lesson. I have a friend who is thin and in very good shape - she is very fit. She shared with me that not too long ago she began to gain weight. She was still practically a vegan and ran all the time. Nothing had changed and she could not understand why she was gaining weight. Then she heard of the importance of mixing up her exercise routine. So she did. She continued eating as healthy as she was eating before with no changes and just changed up how she exercised and she began to lose weight. When we have a routine- our bodies get used to it and ever so often it is good to do something different. I think that is one reason why I am enjoying going hiking ever so often. I have also decided to add in a few more elements to what I have been doing - so that I am mixing it up more. It is also good to have a day here and there. That too- is mixing it up.

I hope that these tips can help you in your journey to better health. And remember that if you are not up to mixing it up - and you are just able to walk at this time - keep it up because moving and exercising is great for your body - even if you are not able to mix it up. Just do something almost every day to get your body moving. A book that I have heard of is called strong women stay young - points out the importance of keeping strong. And to do that we have to keep moving and keep challenging ourselves. I have been asked to go on a 5 mile walk with someone and am planning to take them up on it- as long as the weather is not hot with the sun beating down on me - I am thinking that I can do it. I will certainly get on here and let you all know once I have accomplished it! Wish me luck~ I might need it... :O)

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