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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cake Balls and Such

Hello! How are you all doing? I hope you are having a good week so far. I am.
I have been busy working on getting caught up on some jobs that I had put off because of so much going on around here.
Our week end ended up being even busier than we had anticipated. Meals for out of town guests. Visits with Jason's Aunt who is 82 years old and doing SO well. I mean seriously - I hope I am doing as well as she is doing when I am her age. I even asked her questions of what she things has contributed to her great health. She is on NO meds- traveled all the way here from San Antonio by herself. She's really amazing. We really enjoyed our time with her. I had a great friend show up Sunday afternoon and we had a great visit. She moved to Idaho several years ago and I have missed her- it's been since bc=before Chemo, since I had seen her. Good news is that it looks like her and her husband will be moving somewhere much closer - like about a 5 hour drive from here- which means there is a much better chance that I will be able to see her more often. 
The wedding, a small get together - turned out to be very nice. Here is my favorite photo of the wedding that I have seen so far. This photo was taken by Jason's Aunt. I love how it captures - Jason and I - along with the newly weds- lighting a unity candle - along with our precious granddaughter.
I am so happy that everything went smoothly and that it is behind us. 
Last week was a busy week. I went to the bridal shower and then we went to the rehearsal dinner and then the wedding with lot more thrown in just for excitement. And with all that I am happy to report - I did not gain weight. I know this is not a normal time that I do a check in with how much I have lost - but I will go ahead and share - I have lost 15 pounds!

I am thrilled with the weight lose. It helped my new dress look even better on me. I am not where I want to be yet - but I am so thankful for the progress I have made.

This week I have been going through some clothes - clothes that have been too small and boxed up. And I am happy to say that I have lost enough weight that the winter clothes that I had last year that were too snug and had been packed into a box - actually fit really good now.

I also went through my jeans and capris - that are the next size down and have them packed in a tote- that will be easy accessible so that when I start noticing that my pants are getting baggy - I can get out my tote and use the smaller jeans. I am so excited to look forward to the changes that will come.

And I am excited to say that I was able to maintain my weight- through last week - even though I had 2 cake balls and some cake at the reception. When making better choices in what you eat - you can still have some goodies ever so often - but instead of them being regular fair - just have them be special things and really enjoy them when you have them. What makes me so excited about being able to maintain my weight is that it shows me that this can be a forever change - a lifestyle change. And that makes me happy. It helps me continue to trust that God will give me the ability to lose the weight that I need to lose and He will help me through the brick walls that I usually come up against in my efforts to lose weight. There are issues and such that I am working through. But God is faithful and I trust Him to get me through.

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  1. That is exciting progress indeed! Glad to hear you enjoyed the wedding events. :)


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