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Friday, October 16, 2015

Finally a Friday Update

Ok - So I figured since I had not had very much chance to post this week - I would do a bit of an update post.

Monday means it's my Ladies Study Group. I am going to be honest with you all- this did not turn out the way that I thought it would. I had some picture in my mind about how it would turn out(not just this Monday's group but the study group in general) and it has not turned out that way at all. I am trusting God that there is a purpose for it being different and challenging to me. And I am sure there are things for me to learn. So I am trying to not let the disappointments get me down and just continue to move forward and trust God.

So I had my mammogram on Tuesday - and I got good news.... results came back normal. I had been worried because the lady doing the test had me do like 4 extra shots and squished a bit harder than usual saying that I had dense tissue and so they had to get a better look. So I left here a bit worried. Was thankful to get a call from my Dr.'s office telling me that everything was normal.

My Mother law was going to have surgery on Wednesday but she had not stopped taking her aspirin so the Dr postponed the surgery till the 26th of the month. She was a bit disappointed but I was thankful that she had a positive attitude and trusts that God is in control and that there must be a reason for it to be put off a little longer.

On Wednesday, since I did not have to get my Mother in law to the hospital for surgery - decided to make up 4 batches of gluten. As I have probably shared in the past - once you make up the broth it is really good to try to get as much use out of it as you can. I do think the next time I make up this much gluten at one time - I will probably use two large pans to cook make up the broth and cook the gluten in.  My pan was quite full and it was a bit challenging to move them around. And I ended up cutting a couple of them while I was trying to stir. Guess what we had for supper on Wednesday? Fried Gluten! I was happy - my 4 batches of gluten ended up making enough for a total of 5 meals. I put 4 bags into the freezer. And I used just under 2- 5 pound bags of flour. I have been being able to get my flour for about 1.19 a bag- so my 5 meals of gluten cost me less than $5.00 - when you take in to account the celery and onions that I cut up for the broth and the seasonings and such. I think that is an awesome deal. Yes it takes time- but well worth that time and effort.

Yesterday was another very warm day - in fact, we had record breaking temperatures. Way back in 1999 there was a high of 92 degrees. Yesterday - the official high was 95 degrees. So you can tell why I am SO ready for cooler weather. The only saving grace of everything is that we are at least getting some night time temps that are in the 60's - and a day or two we were lucky enough to dip slightly into the 50's - upper 50's of course. Today is suppose to be in the upper 80's. And if the forecast is correct - after today our temps might be in the mid 80's to the upper 70's at least for the next week. That is more the weather I enjoy. I enjoy opening up the house.  But I am tired of closing it down to turn on the AC because it gets so warm. I would rather open and shut the windows to adjust the temp in the house--too cool - lets close the windows...too warm - lets open the windows. That is my favorite time of the year!!

Oh I wanted to also leave you all with a link to get to the breading and broth - for the gluten. I hope these links work - if not let me know.

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