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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Help Needed

OK - I need some help from some of you computer savvy people out there. So it looks like a blog that I was following has been hacked or something because now all that is posted on that blog is advertisement and I would like to stop following the blog. Here is the problem - when I go to the blog - they have hidden or taken down the Follow box -so I do not have the option to stop following that way. Is there another way? I just got on here to write up some posts and there are like 6-8 posts from that blog and it clogs up my feed and makes it hard to see the real posts that I want to see.

I have tried to go to the page- "Manage my blogs" and it doesn't seem to work either. Those are the only two ways that I know of to stop following a blog.

 Any help would be much appreciated. :O)

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  1. Those are the two ways that I know of as well. Try again from your dashboard... Blogger has its 'off' days, but it should work eventually.


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