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Friday, October 2, 2015

Loving How It All Comes Together

I just love it when I'm reading in several different books- the two pictured and The Desire of Ages~ and in the last two days what I've read all comes together to help me better understand the great controversy between God and Satan. It re-enforces to me that God brought all these books to me for me to be reading- right now!
Here are the books that I have been reading, along with the Desire of Ages:

 This is actually what book I am reading and pulling my prayer quotes from for my Sabbath Post's.
This morning I discovered something that I had not quite understood before and I can't wait to share it with you all. I am thinking I will have to wait until Monday because we will have our granddaughter this weekend so it will be a busy week end.
Before I close though, I would like to share a couple of great quotes that go along with the amazing thing that I learned and I wanted to share these with you all.

IF you would like to go to the actual chapter to read more about the following quotes just click here.

"Jesus in the synagogue spoke of the kingdom He had come to establish, and of His mission to set free the captives of Satan. He was interrupted by a shriek of terror. A madman rushed forward from among the people, crying out, "Let us alone; what have we to do with Thee, Thou Jesus of Nazareth? art Thou come to destroy us? I know Thee who Thou art; the Holy One of God." DA 255

"Remorse came too late. When he would have sacrificed wealth and pleasure to regain his lost manhood, he had become helpless in the grasp of the evil one. He had placed himself on the enemy's ground, and Satan had taken possession of all his faculties. The tempter had allured him with many charming presentations; but when once the wretched man was in his power, the fiend became relentless in his cruelty, and terrible in his angry visitations. So it will be with all who yield to evil; the fascinating pleasure of their early career ends in the darkness of despair or the madness of a ruined soul. - {DA 256.4}

The same evil spirit that tempted Christ in the wilderness, and that possessed the maniac of Capernaum, controlled the unbelieving Jews. But with them he assumed an air of piety, seeking to deceive them as to their motives in rejecting the Saviour. Their condition was more hopeless than that of the demoniac, for they felt no need of Christ and were therefore held fast under the power of Satan. - {DA 256.5}

Every man is free to choose what power he will have to rule over him. None have fallen so low, none are so vile, but that they can find deliverance in Christ. DA 258.6

And here is another great quote that I came across this week that helps us understand what God's will is:

"The will of God as described in Scripture has two dimensions- two pillars, as it were- grace and obedience." A great quote from the book I'm reading~"The Lord's Prayer Through Primitive Eyes"

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