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Friday, October 9, 2015

Busy and Busier...

Just wanted to check in this evening. It's been a busy week. And although at the beginning of this week, I thought that next week would be a less busy week - it is actually going to be a busier week - a much busier week.

I went for my well woman check up - I really like my Dr she is very good at taking care of the whole person. It's not a single minded dr's visit like well women visits usually are. Anyway so they set me up for a mammogram for next Tuesday.

About one hour after I got home from the Dr visit- I got a call from my MIL - letting me know that next Tuesday she has an appointment with the Dr who will be doing her surgery to reattach her colon. Then after the appointment - she will have her pre-op appointment. And she would like me to take her. Well the good news is that the place that I will be having my mammogram is walking distance from the hospital so I will take her to her appointment and then walk over and have my mammogram and then walk back. It should all work out.

The very next day - Wednesday- my MIL will have her surgery to reattach her colon. She is excited, but understandably nervous as am I. It's a big deal. A big incision - up and down the front of her. She has had so much problems with keeping the bag on that she is more than ready to have the colon reattached but she is nervous. I will be taking her for the surgery as well.

So as you can see it will be a busy week, with all these things listed plus the normal things that I do each week.

I am very tired - and thinking I need to go to bed early tonight - So I will be getting off and getting myself ready for bed. Hope you are all doing well. :o)

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