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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wow- I did that!

Yesterday morning the temperatures were in the 70's so I decided that it would be a great day to take SweetPea to the park. It was a beautiful day and no one else was at the park so we had it all to ourselves. Well at least the play area of the park. There were plenty of people walking the walking trail.
I could tell that SweetPea was thinking about climbing this:
But she was kind of scared to try. So I thought that I would do it and help encourage her. And believe me when I say I have not played on play ground stuff in MANY years.
Anyway I did it. About halfway up - where it starts to curve - I thought that maybe I should not have done this. But I was able to do it and I felt good.

Then while I was up there I thought I should go ahead and go down the slide.
So I did!
Then SweetPea was looking at this and you could tell she was trying to decide if she wanted to climb it. Well I thought- I climbed up the other one this one should be easier and sure enough it was. Then I went down the slide again because - well I was up there and I had been tense the first time and thought that I could probably enjoy it better if I did it again. 
And sure enough I did.
It felt so good to challenge myself and to be able to accomplish things I had not done in years.
Today it has been rainy so no park time for us today. But we have found all sorts of other things to do today. I am feeling more tired today. But I am looking forward to tomorrow- cause my husband will be off. That means I will get to sleep in one hour!! Yay! And then He has volunteered to go over to our sons home - and then when I am ready I will go over there and relieve him - so he can go have some blood work done.

Then we will run some errands together. And that should be fun. :O) 


  1. What a beautiful and fun day at the park!

  2. It sounds like so much fun!
    Jeff and I had a playground fun day last summer when we found an old abandoned park...we slid down the old metal slides there...I remember it being scary and fun both!

  3. Such a good day for you- I am so pleased! I always climb up on a horse for a ride if we go anywhere there is a carousel ride. It is hard getting on the horse - and even harder getting off!!!! But feels so good x


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