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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gracious Words

Forgive me if I have already written about this topic.
I have been so busy- I think of things I want to write about and then most of the time I just haven't had a chance to write them out. But there is a chance that this is something that I have written about. But even if it is- I feel it is an important topic and that even if I have written about it before- it is worth the extra look at it.

(Something floating around Facebook)
You all know how hard this cancer "adventure" has been for me. Especially in terms of losing my hair, eye brows, and eye lashes(as I wrote this- I teared up- I had not anticipated that at all- but it goes to show how very deep the emotions go in regards to this.)

Never was I ever very comfortable wearing a hat or a wig. But I am so very thankful for some very special people that don't base beauty on a person's looks only.
My husband has been very supportive. He is probably the one person who truly knows how hard the past 8 months have been on me. And he did his best to reassure me of my beauty and he also helped me see the humor in this "adventure."
God blessed me with several best friends who also base beauty, not on the outer person only, but also are able to see the beauty that comes from within. They have been my cheerleaders throughout this journey. They have called me "beautiful" when I did not feel beautiful at all.
I have also been amazed at the loving support and acceptance I have gotten from so many people from my church. Some of them have gone above and beyond to show how much they care. And it has meant so much to me.
and I can not forget each one of you who have been so very supportive to me throughout this whole journey. I have trusted you guys with photos of me - with hardly any hair - and that says a lot. I did not even post the first 2 photos on facebook. Your positive response helped give me courage and strength to finally come to the point of taking off the hat and moving forward in this journey and I want to thank each one of you.

 It was because of all of these loving people that were willing to use their words to be of encouragement to me that helped give me strength to face the world each day.  
They also helped counteract the negative responses that I got. People can be cruel and I am so thankful for people who are willing to use their words to encourage and to heal. We need more people like that. :O)


  1. What a sweet post. Hugs to you, my beautiful friend.

  2. The cruel people lack understanding. I think we are all here to support one another and even when we can't help physically, comforting words do help each one of us when we face life's trials. You have done well friend x


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