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Thursday, July 24, 2014

An Update

Sorry I have not updated sooner.

Continuing from Tuesday when I last posted....
Ok - so we waited around at the hospital all afternoon. The stress test was done and hours later my husbands main dr came in and said that the results from the stress test were not back yet.

Well after my husband had his supper - he ended up throwing up several times. We let them know. Then about 8:35-8:45pm - the nurse came in and said that the stress test came back clear and they were sending him home. I could not believe that they would test one thing and then since it came back clear send him home. No effort to figure out why my husband was experiencing pressure on the heart, pain, and all the other. We asked for a different Dr but apparently since the Dr that my husband had was the chief of staff - we could not get a second opinion or any other help. So unhappily we left.

The next morning I called my husband's primary Dr and asked her what we needed to do. She set up an appointment for him -for this morning. And when we went - she set an appointment up for him to see a cardiologist tomorrow morning. She also set up an appointment for a scope - I think it is an upper gi. Since he has barrett's esophagus he is suppose to have it checked ever other year. And it has been about that long since he has had his last one. So that is set up for the first week in August. 

I have slowly been trying to get our back yard mowed. I have had to take it in sections. I am so happy that my husband got our mower done. And I love our mower- its pretty easy to start- the first day it started on the first pull - today it was a bit more challenging- but I got it. Was not able to mow much today because my husband had to leave for his Dr appointment. Anyway it is still very warm here in Texas - with temps in the triple digits most of this week - if not all week long.

Well I better get off of here- my SweetPea wants to color and wants me to color with her.
Thanks so much for the prayers and the "Happy Anniversary"'s - found out several of you ladies out there have your anniversaries this week as well. So a Big Happy Anniversary to you too! :O)

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  1. Sending you love and prayers Lisa, love Andrina xxx


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