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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blocks are Done...

Well I thought I would check in again and let you know I got my blocks done. So now I am all caught up.
Photo: It's a working in my seeing room, putting my block of the month together, and drinking key limeade kind of day! :0)

In the glass above I have some wonderful Cherry Key Limeade. I have shared how I make it before - just click on the link. It actually ends up being a very good and pretty cheap drink. The bag of key limes that I bought cost me $1.86 and I will probably get about 6-7 batches of it. And with getting my sugar at Aldi's - and only paying $.99 a bag for that - it is a very economical drink. Just remember that it is best to keep your key limes in the fridge.
Photo: All caught up! :0)
I am missing my granddaughter already. When they were fixing to leave our house - she was crying cause she did not want to leave her Daddy. It about broke my heart. I do not like divorce- it damages so many people. And we carry those hurts around in baggage that we take into our own relationships and have to unpack them - and it is awfully painful to do so.

Anyway I am praying for my sweet, tender hearted granddaughter. We do get to see her this week end with is great! But it will be 2 weeks before we get to see her again- that will be hard.

Ok - I need to get off of here and get some things done. Have a good evening! :o)

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  1. Those are really beautiful blocks! I'm glad you could have something creative to do while you're missing your granddaughter. I know you are such a blessing to her.


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