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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

interrupted plans

Update on my mother in law, Charlene, she was released from the hospital and was able to go home. The timing wasn't the best but we made it all work out.  The day did not go as planned. Thankfully I had started a roast in the morning because it was 7pm before I was able to fix our supper.

So 15 minutes after my husband should have been on his way home I got a call from him saying that I would need to go pick him up, he had a flat - that could NOT be fixed. And then come to find out even the donut in his car was messed up. So I drove the 50 miles during rush hour to go pick him up.

So it was past supper time. I was a bit stressed because let me tell you- I could not handle driving all around the big city every day. We start to head for home and before we have even figured out how we are going to solve the problem at hand, Charlene calls. They are releasing her from the hospital could we pick her up. "How long till you get here?" She wants to know, anxious to go home. At least 45 minutes we tell her, it depends on all the traffic it could be more. We spend a good portion of the time headed to the hospital figuring out how we will get tire fixed and get car picked up and then, because of the way the tire shredded we knew that we needed to get all the tires looked at. Oh and after seeing the tire we were both thankful that there had not been a blowout or anything dangerous happen during his long commute.

By the time wide are driving into the hospital parking lot, Charlene is calling us again. We got her and got her taken home and things set up at the house for her. And got home a little after 7pm.

Thankfully my chickens all decided to go to the chicken coop(we are working on training them to do that instead of roosting in the trees). It's safer for them in the coop.

I was also thankful that I had peeled potatoes before I left- I put them in some salt water and into the fridge and they were in good shape when I got home a couple hours later.  So even though my plans got disrupted, we were able to have a good meal.

Well so this week will have trips to discount tire, another trip for me up to the big city- so we can get our other car home. And taking Charlene to see her Dr to have staples removed on Thursday . We are suppose to get stormy weather on Thursday so please pray that her appointment will be during a lull in the bad weather. I don't really like getting out in stormy weather.

Oh and something I was reminded about yesterday. I am very thankful for my husband and the fact that he works hard for us, but I was reminded on top of that he has to deal with a lot by driving in that mess every day. Also that I need to pray for his protection more often. There are a lot of crazy drivers out there.


  1. Hi Lisa! That does all sound very stressful! Praising the LORD for safe protection of your dear husband! We had something similar happen in August at an amusement park. We came out at 9:30pm. and our front passenger tire was flat. I said, Let's call a service to put on the donut tire. He said, No, he could put it on. I have seen warnings about those little jacks they give you with your donut to jack up a car....they are not trust worthy. Well, he put the jack under the car, got the tire off, and THANK GOD his hand or head or something was not under place where the tire attaches, because the car came crashing down off the jack all of a sudden. It was so loud and hard that people came running over to our car to see what had happened. THEN he called the road side service and this guy came out with a very big, long jack that slide under the whole car!!! Our little jack would have fit on about a 20th of the size of his big jack! LOL

    So glad Charlene is now home, and I pray will recover well! Praying for all the appointments, the traffic and that everything works out well!

    God made our husbands strong for a reason! Traffic is one of them! hugs~


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