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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Great News!

So 2 years ago today I had the surgery that found the cancer. Today I went to my 3 month check up. And I got great news. Dr said everything looked good and I was promoted to every 6 month check ups! Yeah! Just what I wanted! I'll get blood result in just a few days. I'll try to check in when I get them.

Tomorrow I have to renew my drivers license. It seems like every day I have important things to do. It's been a busy week.
Hope you all are doing well. :0)


  1. praise God for watching over you, love you.

  2. Praising God for this great news!
    You will feel so much closer to normal now that you aren't always running to the oncologist's appointments, believe me.
    It is so hard to believe that it has been two years already!
    My two year milestone will be next month on the 13th.

  3. Praise God for that wonderful news Lisa!!! Hugs!


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