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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Power of Prayer

Fervent Prayer

Keep Asking~ "God does not say, Ask once, and you shall receive. He bids us ask. Unwearyingly persist in prayer. The persistent asking brings the petitioner into a more earnest attitude, and gives him and increased desire to receive the things for which he asks.

"But many have not a living faith. This is why they do not see more of the power of God....They plan and devise, but pray little, and have little real trust in God. They think they have faith, bu8t it is only the impulse of the moment. Failing to realize their own need, or God's willingness to give, they do not persevere in keeping their request before the Lord.

"Our prayers are to be as earnest and persistent as was the petition of the needy friend who asked for the loaves at midnight. The more earnestly and steadfastly we ask, the closer will be our spiritual union with Christ."
~ From Christ's Object Lessons, 145,146


  1. Real Truth and Wisdom! I say that Prayer is going into the Throne Room of Our Awesome God, and making our petitions known! He loves to answer our prayers! hugs~

  2. Amen!
    My sister does not believe this, but I do. God wants us to learn how to ask earnestly for anything according to His will for us. I don't think asking once and then forgetting about it shows earnest.
    Thanks for this reminder of a truth we all need to remember!


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