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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Giving Some Direction to Your Day

I just had to check in and share something that I was reminded of this week. I was reminded the importance of writing a "to do" list. I started out the week with my normal paper in which I write the days of the week down and then I list things next to the day that I need to do - like Dr appointments, prayer meeting, hair cuts, etc. And sometimes I write a few more chores down for each day - things like take out the trash on Tuesdays because Wednesday is trash pick up day. Anyway yesterday I actually sat down and took a few minutes to write out a more detailed to do list for today and tomorrow. There were certain bills that had to be paid on certain days - that is what motivated me to sit down and write up my list in the first place. But once I was done - I had a good list for each day.
And today when I started marking things off of my list (still have half of it to go) then I remembered how much more I can get done when I make a list.

Do you ever find yourself at a loss of what to do next? Well that is another reason why a list is a good idea. It is a great idea to have a list so that when you are not sure just what you should accomplish next - you will have a list to refer to.

Oh there is another good reason for making lists of things to do. When you start the week with something that you really need to take care of - like set up a dental appointment and you find yourself at Thursday and you still have not done it. That is where I find myself today. And as soon as I finish this post - I plan to make my self make the phone call to set up the appointment with my dental office.

And a really neat thing that I have also discovered about making lists is that there will be times when I have a list written out and once I finish a project - I am reminded of something else I would like to do. It may not be on the list but if I feel prompted to do it - I go ahead and do it and am amazed at the ability to get just what needs to be done that day...done.

Anyway I just wanted to share to maybe remind you that making a "To Do" list really is a good idea.


  1. I use to do list, LOL if not I am so lost rofl

  2. Lisa How far are you from the Japanese Gardens?

  3. I am about 40-45 minutes, it does not take me long. We ought to meet up when it cools off :-) have a little brunch there :-)


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