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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Yesterday was full of Adventure...

Well hello there! I did not mean to take a couple of days off. I had every intention of getting on here and writing up a post yesterday but God had other intentions. I had a big list of things I wanted to do yesterday. The day started out over cast, windy and chilly. And as the day progressed the wind picked up - luckily the sun shine came out too.

My plans for yesterday included making up a couple of batches of gluten and making a batch of bread. So I decided to get the bread at least to the rising stage and then I would start making the gluten. Well halfway way done with putting the bread dough together-  heard a LOUD BOOM- and all of a sudden the power went out.

 I had also started cooking a batch of pinto beans in my slow cooker. And that had to be put on pause for a bit.

Anyway so I posted on Facebook about my dilemma and thankfully a friend popped in with a comment - for me to come use her oven. So once my bread was done with the first rising I carried it over to her house. We had a very nice visit. Plus we went on an adventure. She lives less than 2 miles from a house that I lived in when I was about 5-8 years old(maybe longer I really don't know). Well she said that it was empty and that we needed to go check it out. So we went over there- the weeds in the front yard were so high it was really hard to even see the house. But we found a good pathway that led up to the front door. We could look into the window there to the side of the front door- and I was so disappointed in what I saw....

I saw the beginnings of a hoarders home. There was a trail from the front door to the kitchen area. And other than the trail there was stuff just piled in there probably about 2-3 feet deep. We could also see into the windows of the two front bedrooms- and they were pretty bad.

The first bedroom (the one that had been mine) had a bed, dresser, desk and maybe another dresser. It had so much fast food trash and trash that I could not even really see a pathway into the room. Its like it just got to much and the person left all there stuff - at least the stuff they did not want- which was ALOT.

The second bedroom (my sister's old room) had boxed just thrown into the room- probably about the same height as the other rooms stuff. Not neatly put in - but thrown in.

The rest of the house had shades so we couldn't hardly see any more than that.

I thought I would share something really cool that we found. In a carport - we found a cool little car- called a King Midget. Isn't it cute?!
Well if that adventure was not enough - I had another
I tried to get to bed early - at 9:30pm. As I lay there, I thought I heard something. I asked my husband who was still awake to check. I had thought it was LouLou - our girl cat who thinks she needs to stay outside all the time. Anyway come to find out -when my husband had shut the chicken's up earlier - he had forgot to lower the hook - so a opossum had gotten into the chicken coop. Sharing a photo(I found on internet) for those of you who do not live in the US - that may not know what a opossum looks like - Oh and the o is silent.

Opossum Snares
Anyway we have had one kill a chicken before- normally they like to get the eggs, but we did not have any eggs in the coop - so he was up to no good. Anyway we had some chickens still in the coop - on the roost- but we had some of them out running around making all sorts of squawking. Well thankful my husband was able to get him out of the chicken house/small pin(that we close them up in at night), but in the midst of that - the opossum had banged on something and scared a couple of the chickens still on the roost out of the chicken pin.

Then we worked on getting the chickens back in the chicken pin. We counted and we had all but one. So much husband with the flashlight started to look around. Well one of the chickens that had been scared out of the chicken pin by the opossum was about 25-50 feet out from the pin laying down, scared to death. Normally this kind of chicken- a buff- will squat down and let you pet her or even pick her up pretty easily. Well when my husband went to pick it up - it jumped up and ran. Well he got it coming towards me - which I was standing on the other side of the door - hoping that when she came towards me - she would turn and go into the coop. But that chicken made beeline towards me and scared me to death! I mean I had not thought that she would continue to run at me. Anyway we did finally get her into the pin without much more fuss. So we were able to lock up the coop. We had been reminded the importance of looking them up at night.
By this time it is almost 10pm - And my adrenaline was pumping. We laughed at how that chicken, who is normally pretty tame- scared both of us. It took a while for me to get to sleep.

I am thankful that the house had been opened up and that I was able to hear the chickens squawking - cause he could have ended up killing some of the chickens. They have really sharp teeth and are pretty tough critters.

I am happy to report that our temps have come down and we have been able to enjoy the house being opened up since Friday night. We got 1/2 inch of rain Friday night and 1 inch of rain on Monday Morning(like from midnight- maybe 6-7am) Anyway as you all know we really need the rain so we were very happy for it. And I am thrilled with the cooler weather. I so much more enjoy when I can control the temp in the house by opening or closing window. I much prefer to have the windows open!

Well that is about it for today. Hope you all are doing well. :O)


  1. We just never know what each day will bring for us do we! Sometimes that's just as well, but on other days we get great things happening unexpectedly.

    I would have felt sad as you did seeing somewhere you had lived when young having been so neglected. I have seen houses I lived in when young up for sale o the internet - and marvelled what people have done to them! In my mind I still see them as they were though, Andrina xxx

  2. Wow, you live such an adventurous life! lol
    The state of that house sounds so sad. I showed that picture of the opossum to my husband - I haven't decided if I think it is cute or too rat-like.
    Take good care.

  3. We are thinking of getting chickens...and my friend who lives about 7 miles from us said the toughest part is keeping the wild critters out of the coop.
    I hope your chicken settles back into a calmness so that you can still pick her up again!
    The house I grew up up in got tore down long ago...There's a K-mart in there now.
    Have a wonderful week and weekend~God bless~


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