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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Update - and A Funny Story..

I have a great little story to share today - but first I will up date you on how my MIL is doing.

She had the heart cath- they found an artery 99% blocked - so they put a stint in. And the artery below that - was 30% blocked so they went ahead and fixed it too while they were in there. She spent the night in the ICU. At first the nurse was saying that she might get to go home today, but the Dr came in and did not agree with that. The Dr would like her to stay one more night - so that they can see how she does on the meds they put her on. Plus they wanted to do a Heart - Echocardiogram. Anyway so she should get to go home tomorrow.

Ok - now to my cute story. During the last week - I have begun to allow our 3 cats - that have been inside cats out in our back yard. They have really enjoyed it. My boys- Dewie(gray) and Stewie(black) have been very good- they go outside and come back and check in ever so often.

Here is a photo of them when they were in the first year of life. They are still relatively small kitties.
 Now - our girl cat LouLou - is not as good as her brothers. She goes outside and does not come in hardly at all. In fact- she is the reason why I am going to be able to tell this funny story.
Anyway since LouLou has not been coming in - we have had to leave the back door open. Well last night my husband spent the night at the hospital with his Mom- and because of everything going on and the extra things that I had to do - I was up late. Well when it was time to go to bed - I decided to try one more time to get LouLou to come in. So I went to the back door- I turned on the light. And I opened the screen door. I began to hear some rustling in the leaves to the left of the porch. Then as I am standing there calling for LouLou - a Skunk walked just a foot or two from our porch. As my heart begins to race - I notice two babies following behind her. As I am thinking, "Oh how cute!" Stewie - our black cat comes out the door and he is very interested in checking out the skunks. I call him and say Stewart don't go any further. Thankfully he listened to me and stayed close to the porch. I continued to watch the little skunks walk through our yard. I have no idea where they ended up, but I am so very thankful that they continued to walk on - and did not choose to spray. What a cool experience this was- a special "I love you" from God.

This is only the second time in my life that I have seen a Momma Skunk and baby skunks. When I was a girl - I am guessing 7 years old or so -  was riding with my parents. All of a sudden my Dad stops in the road as we were fixing to go around a curve. Straight in front of the car was a Momma skunk and 3 baby skunks following her. This was a very special experience that I still remember today.
I thought I would share a couple of photos of our kitties enjoying the outdoors.

Anyway - so I am thinking from now - if I put cat food outside - I will put it out in the morning so the cats have a chance to eat it during the day.

Hope you are all enjoying the week end. I am awfully tired today- stayed up too late and woke up early. Hoping for a better nights sleep tonight. :o)


  1. I'm glad your MIL is doing well. It's just amazing that she was at the hospital when the heart attack came on. Your cats are adorable! We don't have any wild skunks here in the UK... I can only imagine how cute they were!

    1. It was a blessing from God that the heart attack happened at the heart attack. When she first got there it was not registering as a heart attack and she was wanting to go home- and we were actually discussing if we should let her or not- when my son walked back into the room and found her in the middle of the heart attack. :O)

  2. Hi Lisa, I'm still online for now...I love the photos of your kitties...they are beautiful!
    So glad your MIL is doing better...and its good that they didn't send her home too early.
    If you put the cat food outside, they skunks will likely eat it if that is their usual route through your yard. (When I was working a lady told me about how she was feeding a family of skunk some cat food everyday, I asked her if she wasn't afraid of them spraying around her yard, and she said she'd been feeding them for years and not once did they ever spray her.)

    Years ago we had a pet chicken, and he used to run across the street and chase the cats away from their food that their owner kept on the porch for them...He was a very big rooster, and all the cats were afraid of him!

    1. I love your story about the pet chicken. That is great. My chickens seem to not mind the little black kitty eating on their food. :O)


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