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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Treasure Found

This week I went to my favorite little thrift store. I found something that I just could not pass up:
Now I know it dos not look good on the blue and pink runner that I have there- I am going to either make a cream colored one or be looking to buy a cream colored runner for up there. This was just too cute not to get. It's about a foot or so wide and about 6-7 inches deep. I love the feet on this how they curl around. Sorry I did not get photos of them.

I did get photos of the photo on it- close up - at least two places so you can see the birds and butterflies easier.

Sorry that there seems to be a glare in the photos. But you still get the idea of the details that I love. Anyway I thought it was funny - they don't price their stuff - so I went to ask the lady how much this would be- and I had already guess how much I thought it would be and sure enough I was right- $5.00! I thought that was a great deal!
I wanted to share one more thing with you all today. Here is another way that we have been keeping busy lately. I worked hard and got all the outer edges out - and got it mostly put together. Then I worked on separating the pieces. I got to work on it a little here and there - but truthfully my husband did the majority of this puzzle. We have started another puzzle. And since he has to work a double shift tomorrow- I will have a chance to work on it!
Today I went to the park and got another 2+ mile walk in. I also did quite a bit of organizing around our house done. Moved my cookbooks from a bookcase in the hallway to my dining room shelf. Then organized the rest of my books. I have been finding quite a bit of good books lately so it was the perfect time to organize them.
Anyway now I need to get off of here and get my front yard mowed. It is mostly just a few tall weeds here and there - but it is just in too much of the yard to take the weed eater too- like I did last time. So I am going to mow it. I enjoy a freshly mowed yard so it will be nice to get it done.
I hope you all are doing well. :O)


  1. What a great deal you got for $5.00! It's so pretty. Your puzzle has such a lovely scene. It's good to get your books organized... I need to do the same as I recently purchased some new ones. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. I love the way the bird is looking at that butterfly...what a nice little treasure!
    I like to do puzzles too from time to time.
    ~God bless~

  3. I love it! I especially love the birds on it. I'm a bird gal! :) I am impressed you finished the puzzle. It looks good. Hope you are having a great day sweet lady! <3

  4. Hi Lisa! My husband and I used to work puzzles together. I am so bad at it! I don't know if it's because I can't do the spacial thought or what...but we don't do that anymore! LOL!
    Love the planter though. Such a pretty piece, it will be such a peaceful addition to your mantle. Way to get it so cheaply too :)

  5. Oh I love your treasure! The shape of the planter is what caught my attention at first. I don't blame you for bringing it home!


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