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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Prayer Request

Ok - I have a prayer request. Remember that I said that I had started letting my cats, that have been inside cats for a long while, outside. Well we have a bit of a problem.
Well LouLou girl would not come in. And has stayed outside for the last week - week and a half. Anyway she has gotten more and more needing love and affection. Well tonight she was at the back door meowing loudly. So I went to open the door- she ran to our picnic table. So I went and pet her and picked her up to see if she wanted to come inside. She let me carry her to the house. Once I got her inside- I feed our fish and got all the cats some treats.
Then I thought that everything would go back to normal, but it did not. Stewie, the black cat, decided that since he is alpha cat - he needed to remind her he was alpha cat. So he went out to the sunroom where she was at and was bowing up to her. I nudged him away - and this happened a few times. She tried to go back to my bedroom- and the other two cats followed her.

Then I heard some cats fighting and went back to my sewing room. Stewie had LouLou cornered in one of the cabinets. I got him to back down a bit - and then he lunged back towards her and they started squabbling again. So I really made him get out of the room.
At that point I was very frustrated. I don't want her to have to stay outside all the time since it is obvious that she wants to come inside, but I don't want her to be bullied either. So I don't know what to do. I got on facebook and asked friends and family to be praying about a solution for us. Then I prayed. When I got done praying I went to the sunroom to work on getting food and water in there for LouLou and she was already in there. So my plan at least for tonight is to close her in the sunroom so no one can bully her. And then continue to pray and ask you all to pray that God will give me wisdom to know what to do. If they are all to stay inside I just pray that they can go back to at least tolerating each other like they did before. I don't want her to be forced to stay outside and I think that will happen if I let them go in and out. Since I had to physically carry her in. Anyway I want her to be happy too. I don't want to have to lock her away from the other two all the time. I want peace.
Even if that means I might have to find her a good home. I just don't know where that would be. So I need wisdom to know what to do. And if a new home for her is what needs to happy - please pray that God will supply a good home. Anyway God cares about all of our concerns. A friend shared a quote about that with me this week and if I was not so tired - I would look it up and share it now. But right now I am super tired and need to just get off of here and get to bed.
Thanks so much for the prayers. I appreciate them.


  1. Oh, I really feel for you. I will be praying for this situation!

  2. Try separating them at night time. Then have them together during the day. It might give them enough time away from each other that they tolerate each other during the time they are together. Our vet told us this, and she has seven cats! Set one room up with a litterbox, food, and water. Let that be her room at night, and the other two cats can have the rest of the house. During the day try having her room door open and see what happens. Our vet said this often works. If it doesn't, the next step is to just let her live in one room completely. We had to do this--moving Alison's cat to her bedroom. At first I was against this idea. I thought one room wasn't enough room for a cat to live in. But our vet convinced me that it was, and that they can be very happy. It really did work for our two cats. A little inconvenient for us, but not too bad. And no more fighting cats was worth it!

  3. Oh the love God gives us for His creation! I am praying for a resolution and peace for you.


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